"A person who dreams for a long time becomes similar to his/her dreams"

- Lee Taemin

about me

Hm, how to start? I’m as bad in introductions as I am in cooking… Which is pretty horrible since I end up covering the meals I make with soy sauce or chilis to hide whatever odd flavour it previously had. Though because of this I have tried really awesome food combinations like Vegemite dipped almonds or gochujang, cheese and rice. Don’t judge me.

Other than food, I really love kpop, variety shows, dramas, travelling, sleeping and art. Painting and sketching are a few of the limited things I’m not so horrible at. I especially love painting landscapes and you can view some of them here.

I dislike studying like the majority of people out there, unless it’s something I’m interested in. I always end up getting sleepy but I’ll push myself through it because I’m going to have to earn my own income at some point. Fighting! ^o^ I’m not a fan of hospitals or doctors either, I end up fainting whenever I’m there. I don’t know why? The smell and the solid white walls… There is a need for some sort of tropical air freshener and interior designers but that isn’t very practical.

Personality wise, I can be shy on the first meeting but I open up after some time and end up being pretty talkative, I talk nonsense most of the time and I’m really random. I tend to day dream a lot too. Speaking of dreams, I recently had one about meeting Taemin in a rabbit burrow and then suddenly I’m on a roller coaster with Jonghyun at the top who’s taking pictures of worms (?). Next I’m on a glass lift where everyone in the building is Key… Kind of creepy. I end up getting on and off the lift for the whole dream. Lol…

Okay, I’m going to stop here since, it is already way too long for an introduction. :S

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